Monday, 7 December 2015

Simple vegan cream of broccoli soup

I was on a mission today. I was determined to make a cream of broccoli soup with only things I had on hand. It turned out to be easy and totally worthwhile. This soup is awesome.

First, the issue I was having was how to make it a cream of anything soup without cream. I haven't made many "creamy" soups since I went vegan. After all, soy milk tastes dreadful. (Yes, I said it.) Coconut milk lends a very distinctive flavour, so the broccoli would not be the star for very long. Almond milk is a little too sweet and too nutty for my liking. And other non-dairy milks are not really my cup of tea--and I certainly don't have any on hand.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Chilled Carrot-Ginger Soup

Well, here I am with another recipe for you all! This idea came out of a really hot day recently that was making me scratch my head when it came to cooking: what on Earth am I going to cook in this heat? I found myself wishing I had had the foresight to make something nice and cold on one of the 18-degree days we'd just had. I thought, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a nice, refreshing, chilled soup waiting for me in the fridge?"

Enter the carrot-ginger. Here we were again, sitting at a pleasant 16 degrees, and so I made it. And when Thursday and Friday get here, when it's supposed to feel like almost 30 degrees with the humidity factored in, I'll be very glad I made this soup yesterday!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lia's guide to simple, delicious sandwiches for veggies

This sandwich is really simple, but it's still delicious! Apple, vegan cream cheese & peanut butter!
There was about a 3-year period where I hardly ate a sandwich. That period started about when I went vegetarian, and ended about 6 months ago.

Why, you ask? Because trying to make conventional sandwiches vegan without making serious adjustments leads to really awful sandwiches. Trust me, it's not pretty.

Sandwiches are just two pieces of bread with delicious fillings in the middle. That brings good news and bad news for vegans.

The good news is that bread is almost always vegan, or at least very easy to find in vegan varieties.

The bad news is that those delicious fillings we're used to seeing in sandwiches are hardly ever vegan.

So here are a few general tips and a couple of creations to inspire your own delicious, veggie sandwich-making!

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Coconut butter

There seems to be some confusion about what coconut butter is, and it's my pleasure to clear that up. Coconut butter is not coconut oil. It is not a combination of oils that makes vegan butter for use on your toast or in baking croissants.

Each of these blocks is about 1/2 cup coconut butter.
It's a nut butter. You got it: just like peanut butter, almond butter or pumpkin seed butter, it is just puréed coconut that makes a spreadable butter.

And you might ask why you would bother doing that with coconut, and it's a fair question. There are a few applications that I've found coconut butter really useful in. For one, coconut butter is terribly yummy just spread on your toast or used as a dip for fruit, so it does have some commonalities with other nut butters in that way. But perhaps even more interestingly, it has a lot of the properties of coconut oil, in that it gets really nice and solid when it's chilled. So when you use coconut butter as a base for something like a mock white chocolate, it turns out really creamy, smooth and brittle, much like chocolate is. So my most recent success with it was to make mint-chocolate chip mock white chocolate candies with coconut butter, and do I really need to tell you they were delicious?

So making coconut butter is actually really easy. But you do need a food processor for best results. So if you have one, don't be daunted; the process is actually laughably easy.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The 5 tools in my kitchen that I'm most grateful for

This beauty has saved my ass more times than I can count.
Over the years, people have told me a bunch of times that they like my cooking, and I have usually answered that it's largely because I have good tools and high standards. The high standards you're on your own with, but I am going to go over some things in my kitchen that are tremendously helpful to have.

Some of these things are so old that I have no idea where I got them. When I can find them, I'll include links for easy purchase, in case you want to get anything. Full disclosure: purchases specifically through the Amazon links send a portion of the purchase back to me, so it helps me keep this blog up. So thanks in advance if that's the way you decide to go.

And now for the fun part: here are the goods!