Help me help the planet

I use all sorts of things on a regular basis that most people would consider garbage. I use really ugly, unwanted yarn to knit dish cloths. I grow flowers in eggshells, and then in milk cartons, when they get big enough. And your head would spin if you knew half of the uses I have for old glass jars.

So if you've got some things you're considering tossing, and no time to repurpose them, then let me know. This works best if you're local (in Ottawa or nearby), but if you've got something especially amazing that's about to be homeless, we can talk about shipping it here instead.

And thank you. Keeping things out of the landfill is even more beautiful than the awesome things I'll make with these materials.

Items that are in especially high demand are at the top and have an asterisk (*) beside them.

"DO NOT TOSS" list

*Zippers from worn out bags, jeans, etc.
*Baking pans (muffin tins, cookie sheets, etc.)
*Shoelaces from worn out shoes
*Buttons (you on your blouse?)
Mason jars or other glass jars
Yarn and fabric
Sewing thread
Old (used) notebooks


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