Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sprinkles (this might be a problem) and some of the cuter ones out there

A little while ago, I opened up a bag of baking stuff and found all my cake-decorating supplies. In that bag was a ton of sprinkles of all shapes, sizes and styles. I had everything from silver and gold balls to white snowflakes to chocolate jimmies (the little wormy-style ones). And so I made vegan cupcakes (which were amazing, by the way), and I used a few of my rainbow jimmies, and my sprinkle needs were satisfied for a little while.

But here's the thing: sometimes I do things that are just plain bad calls. Like today, when I was on Amazon and decided to search for sprinkles, as though I really need any more. But there are some really, really cute pickings, and my inner child decided that I have to share them with you. So here goes: my picks for the cutest/most awesome sprinkles that Amazon has to offer.

Dress My Cupcake's animal shapes

They have little pink pigs, guys. They have little. pink. pigs. That was enough to single-handedly land them on this list.

But then you look a little further, and they also have black, brown and white cows, as well as rainbow fish and multi-colour dinosaurs. For real.

I think I love these people. (They'll make another appearance further down, never fear.)

Wilton's flavoured candy sprinkles

OK, so sprinkles are for making things look yummy, right? Wrong. Now they make things taste yummy, too. Wilton is a big brand, and so I usually wouldn't leap behind them in support, but they had me at "cookies and cream" if I'm being totally honest.

Two kinds you can get on Amazon (there may be more elsewhere) are Cookies and Cream Brownie Crunch and Turtle Brownie Crunch, which is caramel-flavoured, I hear. They suggest putting them on brownies, but seriously? If they taste like caramel or cookies and cream, I would put them on everything from cookies to my morning cereal and not even feel weird about it. No lie.

India Tree jimmies

India Tree makes these jimmies called Carnival Mix. These little babies are free of artificial colours, meaning that they're tinted with things like turmeric (which, by the way, has a lot of widely-documented uses as a medicinal plant). So not only are they going to make baked goods look better, they're going to stay away from a bunch of chemicals, and maybe even get some disease-fighting compounds into your tummy. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me (pun intended).

Loveable shapes by Planet Bake International

These guys won my heart instantly. To be fair, when I stumbled across them, it was through their smiley face sprinkles, which are impossible to not smile at. But they also make dinosaur sprinkles (debateably cuter than Dress My Cupcake's) and dolphin sprinkles (debateably the cutest sprinkles I've ever seen) and throw in the cursory banana-shaped sprinkles for those hardcore fruit-lovers. This is clearly a company with a sense of humour.

Edible glitter

I don't know why this wasn't really on my radar, but wow. Just wow. Wilton makes glitter gold hearts if you want to stick with a more mainstream option, but CK products makes super cute gold stars and you can also just get Dress My Cupcake's glitter that looks like pixie dust. The possibilities are endless!

Am I about to become the proud owner of even more sprinkles that I really don't need? Probably. Is this a problem? Probably. I'm working on it. But in the mean time, at least you'll benefit, because it'll mean more awesome recipes and photos. Just saying.

Thanks for tuning in, kids!


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