Monday, 28 January 2013

Why I love the snow

Do me a favour. Download Jónsí's "Grow Till Tall" and listen to it while you go for a walk in the snow one evening.

I did that this evening, and it was like I'd never seen the world before.

Snow is incredible. When you think about it, it's made up of tiny flakes, each one slightly different from the next, and each one so fragile. In a light snow in the late fall, the flakes are so fragile that they hit the pavement and instantly dissolve. It's just frozen water, and just the tiniest bit of warmth's not snow anymore.

But what happens when billions of those little flakes join forces? We end up with ankle-deep snow that slows us down on the way to school. We end up with cars that can't get out of driveways. We get incredible insulation for our garden beds. We get a sea of little diamonds glistening at us in the moonlight. In short: they pretty much change our world for that little while.

And I know this may sound cheesy, but I can't help but look at the wonder that is snow and think of the wonder that is humanity. One person is fragile, vulnerable, like the snowflake that's going to melt away at the slightest danger. But billions of people? We could change the world, and not even just for a little while. We could change it forever. Because as powerful as snowflakes are when they work together, we are so much more powerful because we can think and feel in ways that water can't. We can empathize and envision a better future. We can build strategies that create a deeper impact.

So next time you're out walking in the snow, maybe you'll have the beautiful opportunity that I had tonight. Maybe you'll be able to experience the power of working together, of having a common purpose, and feeling a connection with the system of things around you. Maybe you'll be able to feel, not see, how beautiful and strong the snow is, and how beautiful and strong you can be.

Because, after all, it all starts with a single snowflake.


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