Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Welcome me to social media!

I've been called technologically illiterate over my ancient flip-phone from 2007. The truth is, I'm actually quite technologically savvy (I used to develop websites for Jessica, for instance), but I don't believe in throwing out a cellphone just because there's a new model available. Or because it doesn't have a semicolon. Or because it takes me 10 minutes to send a text. Or because the ringer is broken. (Fine, so I need a new cellphone...)

But I will say that I do know my way around a blog, social media, and even print media in a way that I can feel really proud of. And in line with the technology of the day, I've brought Kitchen Stitching onto Twitter and Facebook.

So check it out, follow me, and like me. Like me a lot. And in return, I'll keep the awesome recipes, patterns and craft ideas coming your way.

And thank you.


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