Friday, 4 January 2013

Cute bread tag magnets

When I look around my house at the disposable things I'm accumulating, one of the most significant collections is my bread tags. I also recently realized that we don't have nearly enough magnets on our fridge. (Can you see the brainchild forming?)

So I came up with a really cute way to repurpose bread tags and make little magnets at the same time. For me, the essential part is the colour peek-a-boo. I also wanted to try it in black, so that it looked like a little spade, but alas, I couldn't find my black sharpie.

So here's what you need to make your very own bread tag magnets!

2 or 4 bread tags (each with matching shape)
Strong white glue (preferably the kind that turns clear when dry)
Coloured sharpies
Magnets (available at craft stores)
Some kind of mat or newspaper so you don't make a mess!

If using 4 bread tags, make two double-thickness bread tag pieces by gluing two together (matching the shape exactly) and repeating. I used two thicknesses of bread tags, because my tags were quite thin, but if you're using thicker ones, this step isn't necessary.

Once the glue is dry, use a marker to colour one side of each bread tag piece. (You could colour only one side, but I like it to look nice when turned over also.) Allow the marker to dry before continuing.
I used pink this time, but you can use any colour you like to decorate the magnets.

Apply a thin layer of glue to both coloured sides of the tags, pressing them together "upside-down" (so that you can see the colour through the little holes in the bread tags).
Be sure to glue the two halves "upside-down" so that you can see the colour through, rather than lining up the holes in each layer.
Let this dry completely, so that the glue becomes strong and clear.

Choose whichever side will be the back of the magnet, and apply some glue to the magnet.
These magnets are available in any craft store.

I will spread this glue around a little with my finger, just to make sure it sticks everywhere.
Press the magnet firmly to the back of the bread tags, holding it in place tightly for a few moments and letting it dry completely before moving.
Make sure to press the magnet firmly on and let it dry completely before using the magnet!

Once dried, you're finished, and you can use your magnets for whatever you need to!
This happy little magnet is enjoying its home on my fridge.


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