Saturday, 5 January 2013

Battle of the dish cloths

"Both are good, but this one is the winner."

That's what Pete (my dish cloth tester) had to say when I handed him Exhibit B of the dish cloth trial. This one is smaller, simpler, a bit rougher, and (apparently) more popular.

A couple of weeks ago, we piloted Exhibit A, which was a really pretty, thick, sturdy dish cloth with a waffle-like pattern. It was a little larger and prettier than Exhibit B, but overall not as popular, when it came down to it.

The winning dish cloth used the same yarn (check out the other post for that), but used a different pattern. I found it on-line, and it's the Basic Dishcloth Pattern. And they're not lying. It's the most basic knitting pattern you could ever reasonably ask for.

This dish cloth used a really simple pattern knit on the diagonal. Kind of cool!

The bumpy surface helps clean dishes better than the other cloth did.

So what made this one better?

It's smaller. Pete likes a smaller dish cloth, and now that he mentions it, I think I do, too. It's easier to grab on to and manoeuvre, and all that extra surface area isn't necessary anyway.

It's bumpier. It helps grab all the bits you're washing off of things. The other one had too many concave areas.

It's simple. The pattern for this is literally two instructions that you repeat till you're done. Pete was like, "This took you way less time to knit, and it's better. Just use this one."

With this info, I feel like I'm armed to design the optimal dish cloth pattern one of these days. But for now, we're going to keep using this little guy and some of his baby cousins. After all, if it's not broken, there's no rush to fix it!


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