Thursday, 27 December 2012

The rice that could save the world

Once in a while, you come across a recipe that just changes the way you think about food. When I became vegan, there were some times when I felt like it was a limitation. There were moments when I would think that it was more difficult to cook vegan, that there were all sorts of lovely things I couldn't enjoy anymore, and that I suddenly had to be careful what I was eating so I didn't die of a deficiency.

Then I found Jess. If you're vegan and haven't ever been to her site, that's really unfortunate. She made me reconsider what it was to be vegan and made me realize that there was a whole world of ingredients that I hadn't been exploring as an omnivore.

One day I found her recipe for coconut rice. I made it for my friend one night and the next day I was daydreaming about it. I received a phone call the next time that friend was entertaining that went something like this: "I need to make rice for them, and they're scared of vegan food. You need to give me that recipe."

This rice has traveled through the whole circle of my friends and back again. It's the one my roommates always request. It's the only thing I'll serve with Jess' eggplant curry. It makes me turn my nose up at any other rice I eat. It's the best rice I've ever tasted.

Don't miss it.


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